Home Uncategorized This golden bathtub rolls itself onto the balcony

This golden bathtub rolls itself onto the balcony

This golden bathtub rolls itself onto the balcony

At the hotel Auberge aux 4 Vents in Fribourg, Switzerland, a gold painted bathtub on rails is available for guests to use that automatically rolls out to the balcony.

The luxurious bath was shared by Felix Unholz, as he sat in the tub whilst it rolled out of a window onto a small balcony specially designed for the bath.

As the windows opened he rolled out with a full bath of bubbly water to relax in, whilst he admired the stunning Swiss countryside from his room on the second floor.

Felix said: “We saw the hotel room on the internet, we instantly knew that we had to stay there for a night.

I keep picturing somebody using this not realizing it rolls onto the balcony. Like they’re in the middle of a bath and suddenly it just starts rolling out like some Japanese prank show and next thing they know they’re naked in front of a bunch of strangers eating brunch.

Keep going for the full video as well as some Japanese prank show videos of what I mean. Emphasis on mean.
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